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Customer Referrals

Our Customer Referrals

Following are just a few of the comments that we have received from our satisfied customers, both commercial and residential!

“The young man was very pleasant and was kind enough to take my husband’s questions by phone and then showed me everything he explained to my husband....He just made my day.”
Mrs. Green
"Wow! Someone answered the phone! Burns Septic has someone in the office to help you."
"Excellent service and always on time [servicing 11 locations in VA]....best grease trap cleaning I have seen in 37 years of working with food service equipment!"
C. Conley
"The young gentleman you had come clean out my septic tank today was gratious, helpful, polite & knowledgeable. I haven't had service like this in the past and really appreciated it. I can't say enough about how wonderful he was. Thank you so much!"
"The driver was so informative and really took the time to explain my septic system to me. They were one of the few that has someone that answers the phone instead of having an answering machine. I'll be using them again!"
"These guys are great! They handle the grease trap service at 15 of my locations throughout Maryland and Virginia and we've been using them since 2001. They know what to do and get the job done."
B. Hudgins
Dir. of Maintenance, Chicken Out Rotisserie
"Your driver was extremely knowledgeable. I've never had a septic system before and he took the time to answer several questions I had. He was thorough and got the job done quickly."

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