Septic Service 101

Are you a new homeowner or just new to septic? Need a little information or a refresher about how it all works? Burns Septic TLC can help you understand the basics of maintenance and keep things flowing for you at home!
Check out Septic 101 ...

Customers Say...

"Wow! Someone answered the phone! Burns Septic has someone in the office to help you."
- R. Bragg

Residential Services

Questions about our Septic Maintenance and Repair Services...

Do I have to be home when my septic tank is being pumped out?
Do I need chemicals or lenzymes to keep my septic system running well?
Do you backflush?
Do you do other types of work besides cleaning grease traps and septic tanks?
Do you repair septic systems?
How can I get a service quote?
How close do you need to get the truck to the septic tank?
How do I find my septic tank?
How do I know if my drain field is failing?
How do I know if my drywell is failing?

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