Septic Service 101

Are you a new homeowner or just new to septic? Need a little information or a refresher about how it all works? Burns Septic TLC can help you understand the basics of maintenance and keep things flowing for you at home!
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Customers Say...

“The young man was very pleasant and was kind enough to take my husband’s questions by phone and then showed me everything he explained to my husband....He just made my day.”

- Mrs. Green, Homeowner, Taneytown, MD

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How do I find my septic tank?


Your County Health Department’s Well and Septic Division may know where your septic is located or you could contact your builder. Generally, your septic tank is located on the opposite side of the house from your well. Either a metal or white plastic pipe will be sticking out of ground,  and some will have a concrete lid next to it.

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