24-Hour Emergency Service

Septic backups are stressful, occurring at the most inconvenient of times. Burns Septic TLC is available 24/7 to meet any of your emergency needs, whether or not you are already a regular customer. Contact us at 1-877-89-BURNS for immediate service.

Customers Say...

"We only recommend Burns Septic! Really! As an excavation company, we need to recommend Septic Pumpers with some degree of frequency. Burns is the only company that we give our "stamp" too. Great service, very responsive, fair prices! Burns is Great!"
- Legacy Contracting, Westminster, MD

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How do I know if my drywell is failing?


Generally, if your drywell is between dry to ½ full you’re okay. If you find your drywell ¾ to full with no back-ups/wet areas,  you should be concerned. If your drywell is full and you are experiencing back-ups and/or wet areas, then the drywell is failing.

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