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A backed-up grease trap or interceptor or clogged line means lost time and customers, not to mention the potential for municipal fines. Burns Septic TLC is available 24/7 to meet any of your emergency needs, with mounted and portable jetters to correct any problems quickly and efficiently. Contact us at 1-877-89-BURNS for immediate service.
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"Excellent service and always on time [servicing 11 locations in VA]....best grease trap cleaning I have seen in 37 years of working with food service equipment!"
- C. Conley, Sodexo

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How can I get rid of the odor/smell of the grease trap?


Make sure the plumbing is properly vented and be sure all lids are on correctly. If the grease trap is inside a room, make sure the room is ventilated. You can also increase the frequency of your grease trap cleanings. If possible, monitor what goes down the drain. You can try to chemically neutralize or mask the odors with bleach or other cleaner for a short time. Odor origins are very hard to pinpoint.

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