Jetted Your Drain Line Lately?

Failure to regularly jet your drain lines will eventually result in a backup emergency. Burns Septic TLC provides scheduled maintenance to help reduce backups as well as 24-hour emergency jetting service throughout Maryland, Northern VA and Southern PA. All Burns Septic trucks feature mounted jetters for the fastest possible resolution to costly clogs and backups.  
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Customers Say...

"These guys are great! They handle the grease trap service at 15 of my locations throughout Maryland and Virginia and we've been using them since 2001. They know what to do and get the job done."
- B. Hudgins, Dir. of Maintenance, Chicken Out Rotisserie

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Are grease trap and line cleaning the same thing?


Cleaning the grease trap is not the same as cleaning the lines; both are of equal importance and should be performed on a regular basis! The grease trap filters and collects grease so that it does not get into the county sewer system. The grease trap should be serviced more frequently, perhaps quareterly or monthly depending on restaurant volume. The outgoing line occurs after the trap and should be jetted out at least once a year.

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