Grease Trap 101

New to restaurant management and maintenance or just need a refresher about how to stay clog-free and in compliance? Burns Septic TLC can help, with scheduled maintenance and some basics of how grease traps should work. Let us help you keep the doors open to customers.
Learn Grease Trap/Interceptor Basics ...

Customers Say...

"These guys are great! They handle the grease trap service at 15 of my locations throughout Maryland and Virginia and we've been using them since 2001. They know what to do and get the job done."
- B. Hudgins, Dir. of Maintenance, Chicken Out Rotisserie

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How does a grease trap work?


All drainage from the kitchens are regulated by grease traps or interceptors, which capture the excess grease and oils from cooking and cleaning so that they do not enter the municipal wastewater supply. Explore Grease Trap 101 to find out more...

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