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We service commercial accounts with grease trap and jetting services in most of Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. We provide septic services throughout Central Maryland. We're probably already in your neighborhood!
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"Your driver was extremely knowledgeable. I've never had a septic system before and he took the time to answer several questions I had. He was thorough and got the job done quickly."
- R. Callahan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are grease trap and line cleaning the same thing?


Cleaning the grease trap is not the same as cleaning the lines; both are of equal importance and should be performed on a regular basis! The grease trap filters and collects grease so that it does not get into the county sewer system. The grease trap should be serviced more frequently, perhaps quareterly or monthly depending on restaurant volume. The outgoing line occurs after the trap and should be jetted out at least once a year.

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