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We service commercial accounts with grease trap and jetting services in most of Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. We provide septic services throughout Central Maryland. We're probably already in your neighborhood!
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"Excellent service and always on time [servicing 11 locations in VA]....best grease trap cleaning I have seen in 37 years of working with food service equipment!"
- C. Conley, Sodexo

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few days after I’ve had my grease trap cleaned, I've looked in it and it's full, why?


The grease trap is a filter for the county sewer system and all the water from the kitchen should go there and be filtered before entering the sewer system. Most restaurants use several 1,000s of gallons of water weekly. Grease traps will be filled up to operating level in a very short time, with water.

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