Jetted Your Drain Line Lately?

Failure to regularly jet your drain lines will eventually result in a backup emergency. Burns Septic TLC provides scheduled maintenance to help reduce backups as well as 24-hour emergency jetting service throughout Maryland, Northern VA and Southern PA. All Burns Septic trucks feature mounted jetters for the fastest possible resolution to costly clogs and backups.  
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Customers Say...

"Excellent service and always on time [servicing 11 locations in VA] grease trap cleaning I have seen in 37 years of working with food service equipment!"
- C. Conley, Sodexo

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Services

Questions about our commercial/industrial drain-line jetting and grease-trap services...

My kitchen drains are backing up and overflowing, why?
What are your service areas?
What do I do if I have an emergency?
What do you do with the grease?
What kind of preventive maintenance do you recommend for grease traps?
What’s involved with cleaning a grease trap?
What’s the difference between fryer grease and grease trap grease?

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