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We service commercial accounts with grease trap and jetting services in most of Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, and Northern Virginia. We provide septic services throughout Central Maryland. We're probably already in your neighborhood!
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"The young gentleman you had come clean out my septic tank today was gratious, helpful, polite & knowledgeable. I haven't had service like this in the past and really appreciated it. I can't say enough about how wonderful he was. Thank you so much!"
- C. Glennen, Dayton, MD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you backflush?


Back flushing involves releasing what we’ve just pumped from your tank back into the tank to mix things up and create a slurry of solids and liquids to help clean the tank. Burns Septic offers backflushing as a part of our regular service call if needed; there is no additional charge provided that the location of the septic and our truck is mostly level so that we are not working against gravity.

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